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                  8009 UFO High Bay Light

                  UFO High Bay Light



                  POWER 100W 150W 200W 240W
                  Total Flux 16000 24000 32000 38400
                  System Effecency Lumen 160lm 160lm 160lm 160lm
                  No. of Chip 140 224 280 336
                  Fitting Materials ADC12 Die-cast Aluminium Non-corrosive
                  Fitting Color Black 
                  Optical Cover PC
                  Ingress Protection (IP) IP 65
                  Impact Protection IK 08
                  Input Voltage 220-240 Vac 50/60Hz
                  Diming 1-10V/0-10V
                  Power Factor (PF) >0.95
                  Electrucal  Safety class Class I 
                  Operating Temperature -40~ +40°C
                  Surge Protection 4KV/4KV
                  Installation Hook Mounting 
                  External Screw #304 Stainless Steel
                  Beam Angles 60/90/120°
                  Warranty 5 year 
                  Packing 66*25.5*25.5cm 5pcs/cartom) 70*30.5*30.5cm 5pcs/cartom) 70*30.5*30.5cm 5pcs/cartom) 72*35.5*35.5 5pcs/cartom)
                  LED Chips 2835  HIigh Lumen  Chip
                  Lifetime Metric @ Ta 25° ( hours ) >100,000
                  Colour Correlated Temperature (CCT) 2700K ~ 6500K Other CCT & CRI are available upon request.
                  Colour Rendering Index (CRI) ≥ 70
                  COMPLIANCE STANDARD
                  LED LM 80
                  Luminaire   EN60598-1, EN60598-2-1, EN62471, EN62493, EN61000-3, EN61547, EN55015
                  Optional Item (SENSOR)
                  SENSOR FUNTION
                  15m maximum installation height, suitable for most warehouses
                  0-10V dimming port, 3 or 2 step dimming function
                  Dim+/Dim- to set occupancy light level
                  Daylight priority function
                  SENSOR PARAMETERS
                  Operating Frequency 5.8 GHz ±75 MHz,ISM Band
                  Transmitting power 1mW Max.
                  Hold time 5S/30S/1min/3min/5min/10min/20min/30min
                  Stand-by DIM Level 10%(1.4-1.6V), 20%(1.9-2.1V), 30%(2.9-3.1V), 50% (4.9-5.1V)
                  Stand-by Period 0s/10S/1min/3min/5min/10min/30min/+∞
                  Detection Area 25%/50%/75%/100%
                  Daylight Sensor Daylight threshold: 5lux/15Lux/30Lux/50Lux/100lux/150lux/Disable
                  Daylight priority: ON/OFF value (5lux/15Lux/30Lux/50Lux)/150Lux  100Lux/200Lux
                  Detecting Angle 150°(wall mounting) 360°(ceiling mounting)

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